I’m twitterpated. For those that aren’t up on 1942 Disney slang, this basically means falling in love. Here’s an explanation. The object of my affection this case is a whole bunch of turquoise yarn. Remember back at the beginning of fall when I kept saying I wanted to make a Blank Canvas? Well, I hadn’t forgotten and I decided a large swath of stockinette was just the right therapeutic remedy for my end of semester stress. I had some Rowan Felted Tweed in Watery set aside for it. wateryI swatched in another color and felt set to go forward with this. That is, until I was in my LYS the other day and saw this: elsebethIt’s Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool. I used it on Z’s lion costume and it’s heavenly to knit with. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wouldn’t be as satisfied with a Blank Canvas unless it was out of this yarn. What about the Rowan? Ah, fear not. I decided to just get MORE of it an make another Still Light Tunic, because my other Still Light is one of my favorite pieces to wear over and over. So, I might have a turquoise teal problem. Or just a problem with this color family right now, especially since I planned on making Antrorse very soon in this: eco__medium2I can see it all happening, yet somehow I’m unable to stop myself from wanting to make everything in this color right now! They are different colors, but not so different that I’m going to pretend I’m not essentially picking the same color in several yarns. It’s best to just laugh.

Anyway, I cast on Blank Canvas. It’s itty bitty right now, but I’m hoping after I submit my dissertation revisions this morning I can convince Matt to go to an afternoon show of the second Hobbit movie…and this sweater would be perfect movie knitting.

Thanks for all the good luck and well wishes about dissertation work! It feels nice to know people are cheering me on, even if we’ve never met. I just have a couple more pages to revise, then I can relax about all things school related until at least the 2nd of January and I will just KNIT!

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