Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! I spent the last few days camped out at my parents, soaking up the opportunities to sleep in because my mom graciously got up with Zooey for her 5:45/6 am wake-ups. We had a lot of fun and I got to do plenty of knitting. antrorse-3Here’s a quick update on Antrorse. I’ve been working on this much more than Blank Canvas, because the aran weight yarn makes for FAST progress. I’m at the bottom few inches of garter stitch, then only sleeves and button sewing remain!

I made a few mods. Angela mentioned something in a comment on my last post about using the high bust measurement as a guide for sweater sizing (a tip from Amy Herzog) to ensure a good fit in the shoulders. Since my high bust is more like 35″ and size 34″ of this sweater is closer to that measurement, I changed tactics on the yoke and opted to make the 34″ size instead. I made a couple of mods to help it work out how I envisioned. antrorse-2I added one extra underarm stitch to each size, so the bust measures 36.25″ (the 34″ size factors in a couple of inches of ease on this garment). I did a little waist shaping too. About 7″ from the underarm I decreased a stitch on both sides of the waist using mirrored ssk and k2tog decreases. I did two decreases on a decrease row and did that 3 times (6 total decreased/about 1.5″) spaced 4 rows apart. I knitted at this decreased number for about 1.5 inches, then brought increases back in, mirroring M1R and M1L increases, spaced 4 rows apart. I increased 4 times. Then I knit about 6 more rows and increased 1 more row before the garter bottom.  All in all, I have 6 stitches more than the 34″ size should, at the bottom, because my hips are bigger than the size 34 accounts for. I’ve been pretty pleased with the result as I try it on.

I could finish this in another day or so, making it about a week-long sweater. This Cascade Eco+ yarn knits so quickly that I’m actually tempted to make Matt one more sweater this season…as long as it’s in aran weight yarn.

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