Warning: TONS of baby pictures to follow, because I just can’t help myself.

baby latte-3Z is modeling the Latte Baby Coat in these pics. I used Cascade Eco+ in Lichen for the yarn, and I used all but a few yards to make the 2T-3T size. I like to err on the big side.

baby latte-6I still added a bit of length to the sleeves and body (worked both to about 9″).  I didn’t have enough yarn for the cute pockets, but that’s ok.

baby latte-4The hood on this jacket is great. When it’s up it stays up easily and doesn’t seem to bother Z at all. Sometimes she enjoys ripping off hats and hoods. This one doesn’t bother her, which is a big bonus. baby latte-5I think it also looks a little gnome-like. baby latte-8I didn’t add any extra buttons. I think the placement of the four buttons works well to keep the coat closed, while allowing freedom of movement on the lower half. I did add an extra row of garter stitch after the buttonholes, because I didn’t like binding off immediately after buttonholes as specified in the pattern. baby latte-10The basketweave stitch is simpler than it looks, though fairly slow going. The knit flew by before I got to that part. baby latte-2I hope she can wear this next year too. When not buttoned, it looks ridiculously huge, but it’s fine buttoned, and it isn’t large enough to encumber any of her exuberant play.

baby latte-13This color is so lovely in the sunlight.

Happy Monday.

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