It’s been awhile since I’ve put much time into these socks. I started them for Matt last February, and they have been sitting around patiently, while I occasionally pick them up and knit an inch or two. I finally got past the super slow 9 cm of heel flap, so they’re going a bit faster now. matt socksThe yarn is Opal Sport. The color is #5103. I like watching the colors change, but this might be the least soft sock yarn I’ve used. They will be durable. Opal yarns can usually be washed, dried any way you want, and you might be able to walk across hot coals in them without too much damage (but please don’t try that at home).

This particular strain of Opal yarn is about 40% synthetic, which explains the less soft hand. I set them aside for many softer projects over the year, but it seems like the right time to haul them out and finish them.

Still waiting on Antrorse buttons… I got some back up buttons last night that I just might slap on the sweater in the meantime to get some pics. More on that soon!

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