This is 2013 in knitting! I was inspired by a similar post from Angela, one of my favorite knitting bloggers. In 2013 I completed 50 projects. They’re listed above by the month that I finished the project, with the name of the project (if it has a pattern name). You can see the names and months by hovering over the photo.

All in all, I finished 26 sweaters last year (13 adult, 13 baby/toddler). Granted, each of the sweaters finished in January was started before that month, and the Sky Sweater and Minimalist Cardigan were very close to finished before January, so that’s a bit misleading. Some of those are also short sleeved, or tanks. I knitted 12 pairs of socks (5 adult, 7 baby/toddler), 4 pairs of arm warmers (one pair of 70 yard mitts not pictured), 4 hats, and 4 shawls. Phew! It was definitely the year of the sweater!

Only 16 of these projects were for me, so I might be a little less of a selfish knitter than I thought. I had a lot of teal, orange, mustard, green, and shades of purple going on last year. I also finished almost everything I started, with the exception of two pairs of socks and a Beekeeper’s Quilt. That feels like one of the biggest accomplishments to me. I don’t have any sad almost-finished sweaters hanging around at the beginning of this year.

I just finished one pair of the socks on Sunday, but they need to be washed and blocked. The other pair will probably be finished very soon. The quilt might just be hanging out for awhile… Maybe I should make a goal of making 3 hexipuffs a week or something to get this thing moving. I got obsessed with toddler socks as a way to use up sock leftovers instead. Whether I finish it or not, I won’t feel guilty about it.  

I also published eight designs last year! They were Evoke, Ruffaluffagus, Firefly Seeker, Girl with the Purled Toes, Kiddo Kicks, Little Roarer, Bespoken, and Magic Hat.

I kind of can’t believe all of that knitting happened last year.

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