IMG_20140309_205004This is a little slightly blurry phone pic from last night, but I finished the knitting on my Whispers and I was too excited to wait and take a better picture to post.  I hope to have a modeled shot sometime this week.  As shown above, the shoulders are not put together, and I still have a little bit of finishing around the neckline to work after the shoulders are put together.

I finished this baby by the skin of my teeth, y’all.  Really, I made this top 1.5 times because I had all but the back shoulders after the neck bind off to finish on Saturday morning and I was really and truly going to run out of yarn. Crap crap crap.  I knew I was cutting it really close since I’d added about an inch in length to the body, but I wanted that length. So when I finally accepted that I was going to run out of yarn mere yards from the finish, I started to rip. I’m an optimist. I held out until the last second.

See that middle orange section? The one with the waist shaping? I ripped back to that one right before the waist increases.  I allowed myself to still add a bit of length, but I just made the narrowest part of the sweater a bit longer and I also added 2 more rows between each waist increase, letting the sweater grow in length without having to work as much width. This time I made it, keeping a close eye on my yarn, measuring tiny balls with my digital scale to ensure I’d make it. I did.

Tonight she will get some shoulder finishing and blocking! If I love this top as much as I think I will, I just might have to turn my other Black Trillium gradient kit into one too…

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