I’m very excited to start a New Girl Knitalong with Angela on Friday!  I received my Gaea Sport from Blue Moon Fiber Arts on my lunch break, and I’m mulling over my options.  I planned on using Everyday Grey with either Sunstone (orange) or Marina as a contrast.  I thought this would be a snap to decide when they arrived, but I’m still struggling.  Thoughts?

These are just some phone pics, since I’m too impatient to wait for nicer shots when I get home.  The first two pics are  Sunstone/Everyday Grey shown in color and with it’s black & white version for color contrast comparison.  Everyday Grey/Marina are the second two shots.




The Everyday Grey/Marina has a little bit more contrast, but I’m somewhat stumped.  The colors are a little different from what I was expecting when I ordered them online, as these things always go.  I expected the grey to have less of a blue hue to it and the Marina looked much lighter.  The Sunstone was also crazy bright, and I was expecting it to have a little more retina shock in person.  I’m a little disappointed that they came out so differently.  Thoughts?

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