When working on two fairly big projects, sometimes it seems like progress is sloooooow, but I just keep going.  I’m at the split for the pockets on my New Girl skirt.  I’ve finished the back side, and now I’ll work the front.  new girl_-2This thing seems HUGE, which is kind of worrying me, but other Ravelers have noted that the elastic makes everything better, so I’m just going to keep going with it.  new girl_-3

Angela is a bit ahead of me on our KAL.  It’s fun to knit in tandem.  I should do it more often. new girl_ The skirt had been refreshingly relaxing knitting for the past few days as I’ve been otherwise writing like a fiend on my dissertation.  I just finished my Chapter 5 (Discussion) first draft yesterday, and all of the other chapters have had one or more revisions, so this is LOOKING LIKE A REAL THING, which is very exciting to me.  Easy knitting is a necessary stress reliever at this point.

I’ve also put some time into my BlueSand Cardigan.  I’m working on the slip stitch border at the bottom.  It’s nice and rhythmic, but if you’ve ever knitted in a slip stitch pattern you probably know that the rows grow fairly slowly.  My knitting fantasies delusions involved having both of these projects done before Sunday for a little trip, but unless I do develop four hands, as Pearl mentioned in previous post comments, I doubt I’ll be able to finish both.  Maybe one.  But which one?

You know that Whispers top?  I had been calling it “Wispers,”  but it’s now corrected on Ravelry to be spelled with the ‘h’. That’s just a side note.  That baby is washed and blocked and ready to show off.  I’ve just been waiting for a nice day to get a photo outside.  I hope to get that done in the next few days.  I’m tired of indoor self shots, but sometimes a girl’s just gotta get out the tripod.

That’s what’s happening in my knitting and otherwise.

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