Matt and I went to Kansas City at the beginning of the week for a couple of days with some friends. While there, I went to visit The Studio yarn shop.  It’s a cute little store near the Westport area.  I got some super shocking pink Regia sock yarn and one skein of Madeline Tosh DK in Filigree.  They had a Gnarled Oak Cardigan made with the Filigree colorway and it was GORGEOUS.  The yarn itself is lovely in the skein, but I probably wouldn’t have considered it in the same way without seeing it knit into something beautiful.  It took me a long time to decide whether I should buy a sweater’s worth of the Mad Tosh DK, or just a single skein.  I went for the single skein since Matt kept reminding me about my 3 out of 4 projects coming from stash goal at the beginning of the year.  I haven’t counted, but he had a good point.  And impulse buying a sweater’s worth of yarn without a particular sweater in mind is always a bit of a risk.  I can easily make a hat or a variety of accessories with a single skein.madeline tosh

I am always willing to risk buy skeins of gorgeous sock yarn though… regia

I was a little disappointed with their sock yarn selection.  They have some lovely brands, but it looks like they need to restock a bit.  I was happy to feel Anzula Milky Way in person, but they only had a single skein in a color that didn’t interest me.  I was really hoping to acquire more Anzula Squishy yarn, but they didn’t have any, despite showing some on their site.

The super shocking Regia (color Violett) will likely become some kind of tunic or sweater for Z, with the leftovers as socks for me perhaps.  I really enjoy the kind of pinks that make my retinas scream.

Dissertation edits are still happening, but they’re slowing down.  I’m ready for this baby to be fully done.  This feels like a super long pregnancy that’s finally coming to fruition.

I am nearing the finish on both BlueSand Cardigan and the New Girl skirt for my KAL with Angela.  Updates soon!

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