driftwood-3Driftwood Tee, my second TTTKAL project is finished!  This was a quick and easy knit.  I think I might have done a few too many rows on the eyelets, as I spaced out a bit on the number of rows, but I made the front and back match closely enough that I don’t mind or notice if it differs from the pattern.  driftwood-2This rolling of the garter stitch NEVER stops happening with the sleeves.  I don’t know if it would help to make it wider.  I think the most effective solution would be to pick up at the edge of the sleeves after the shoulders are seamed and make garter rows at that point.  This wasn’t on my radar when I wore this top to brunch yesterday, but as I was taking photos today it was on my mind constantly since I had to adjust it over and over.  I did a wet block for this top, so I didn’t think it would be a problem, but it continues to roll.

The yarn is Manos Serena in Boysenberry.  I used about 590 yards for the top.  I ended up knitting to 13.5 inches before increasing for the sleeve.  I did add some waist shaping, decreasing 8 total stitches on the front, and then again on the back, on either side of the 28 center stitches so the shaping wouldn’t interfere with the eyelets.  driftwoodI would consider making another one of these sometime, probably altering the sleeve edging. I think I will really enjoy wearing this top as work or casual attire.  driftwood-4

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