It’s been a glorious Sunday.  This morning I got to have breakfast with two treasured friends, then I saw Maleficent and finished these socks in the theater: sunday socks-2The yarn is Julianna”s Lucky Star Sock Yarn in Truly Outrageous.  It has a hint of sparkle, but isn’t over the top with it.

sunday socks-3I lucked out with the self-striping and my heel flap.  The stripes were barely disturbed.  Even though I know an afterthought heel would always allow uninterrupted self-striping, I just love the feel of a heel flap.

sunday socksThey’re just another pair of toe-up two-at-a-time socks done on magic loop with a heel flap. That’s my go-to vanilla sock format.  I have enough left to make Z some socks, though I think I’m going to start making her socks as tube socks (no heels) so she can grow into them for a longer time.  I’ll add this to the Operation Sock Drawer list.

I also got some super bright Regia Fluormania sock yarn from my LYS last week.  I can’t wait to make socks out of this!! It’s colorway 7188.  Happy Sunday! fluromania

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