I just remembered today is my 8th blogiversary. I’ve been knitting for a little over 10 years, and I guess I’ve been talking about it online for almost as long. As an extrovert, I love finding ways to communicate with others, especially about one of my greatest passions. Many of us define ourselves by our jobs, or our places in our families, but if I’m totally honest, for me Knitter is always going to be one of the first titles I mention to people. It’s been a lovely journey so far, this knitting experience and it’s only the beginning.

How about a peek at some socks? monkeysThese have mostly been set aside for the last week as I let myself obsess over Gathering Stripes (which now only requires sleeves). The socks are Monkey, a wildy popular pattern. The yarn is from Republic of Wool in the color Artificial Light. I don’t know if these will be finished by the end of the month for Socktober, because as soon as I’m finished with Z’s sweater I have another toddler sweater to pull full focus since it’s due at the end of the month. I’m not worried about the sock deadline. I just enjoy the ritual of beginning a pair of socks in October and knitting along with all of the rest of the crazy sock-loving knitters out there!

Thanks for being a blog reader! Though I don’t always get to respond to comments, I love reading them and I love your input and interactions.

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