Breezy-2I’m making a second Breezy Cardigan. I started this back in January and it’s been set aside for many other projects, but I pick it up here and there. Since I’m finally at the bottom ribbing it feels like I’m finally getting somewhere. Breezy-3

The yarn is Rowan Felted Tweed in Watery and since that’s a bit heavier than fingering weight used in the pattern, I modified this a bit. I’m getting 5 stitches to the inch so I just picked the size I wanted and used a little algebra (yes, it is useful in adult life) to figure out how many stitches I needed to knit. Breezy

I might not get to use this much this season, but if I finish this soon there will probably at least be some chilly evenings when I can wear it.

By the way, my reknitting of Marin worked out well with two whole yards of yarn to spare! Yes, it was really really close. More details and pics of that project soon, when I can get Matt to take some pics of me.

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