Part of me was pie-eyed enough to think I might finish this Hugo sweater before this coming weekend when I’ll see my brother. Ha! I’m wildly optimistic about my knitting abilities sometimes. I thought I would do this in the midst of a move to a new house across town, no less. Well, I have most of two sleeves and a back so far. That’s pretty good for now. 
sleevesThis color is a much more accurate representation than my previous post about the back. It’s a nice deep rust. My brother has long monkey arms and I had to add three inches to them before the sleeve cap shaping. That probably helps him be such a great drummer. To be fair, I too have to add about three inches to my sweater sleeves for them to fit me the way I want.

As for our move, we are 95 percent unpacked and settled in our new place and I love it immensely. We got rid of SO MUCH STUFF before we moved. I highly recommend the Konmari Method if you need to declutter your life.

Now I can finally sit down and knit. I think my hands didn’t touch yarn for about three days, and that makes a gal kind of twitchy.

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