This is a little 0-3 month Little Sister’s Dress that I whipped up last week in some Colinette Jitterbug Paint Box. I think I’ve made about a half dozen of these dresses since I first made one for Zooey. It’s one of my favorite simple little girl dresses that can become tunics, then vests as they grow. For me it’s the plain stockinette sock of baby dresses. It never really gets old as long as I have pretty yarn to use. dress-2The pattern is a cinch to follow. It’s free on Ravelry. I changed this up a bit. I’ve never been able to get quite the tiny gauge in the pattern, so this time I just decided to change things up based on the gauge I was getting. My gauge was closer to 6 stitches an inch. I used a size 3 needle and cast on 51 stitches to start. Otherwise I followed the pattern as written, doing the suggested number of welt repeats at the top and the number of increases and length prescribed for the 3 month size.

Mine came out a teeny bit narrower than the 3 month width, but it could fit on Charlotte, who is almost eight months! (though small for her age). I adore this color of yarn. It was lovely to watch grow into a little dress and I hope that the little baby it is meant for (born December 8th), who also happens to be a little sister, gets a lot of use out of it. dress

When the hell did it become mid-December?! I have been absent far longer than I meant to from posting. I have lovely things to review soon, and other projects I want to talk about as well. I try not to bring too much personal (ahem, complaining) into my blog posts, but I feel like we’ve been hit by a typhoon of kiddo sickness over here. Charlotte is in day care and many parents out there will know what a nightmare that first cold and flu season in day care is. So far we’re on our second ear infection with a vomit-inducing stomach bug in between in about three week’s time. I know it’s not forever, but oh boy is it exhausting while I’m in it. I’m going to go get some coffee now.

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