matt socksOh yeah. I cast on some good ol’ plain stockinette socks for Matt recently. It was around December 22nd because these accompanied me to a 10 AM showing of Star Wars on Christmas Eve as my movie theater knit. Matt had already seen Star Wars, but was ecstatic to go again and luckily the 10 AM show wasn’t one with a long line.

This yarn is some Schachenmayr Regia Strata Color in Kiwi that I received as a present a few months ago from Carina. I gave Matt the choice of several sock yarns and this is the one he chose. Good choice, I think.

There isn’t much to say about these socks so far. I start his with 16 stitches on each needle (32 per toe) to begin with and increase to 72 stitches. That seems to be the magic number for him in most sock yarns.

I have been consuming TONS of media in the forms of movies, TV, and books since being on holiday from work for a bit. It’s over, but while I was working on these and other projects I’ve been reading Purity by Jonathan Franzen (not finished–no spoilers please), The Magicians by Lev Grossman (Christmas present from Matt that I loved), and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy to prep for the fourth book with that character that I’m patiently waiting to get from my library. As for movies, I watched The Martian and the new Star Wars, as well as Loopers and enjoyed them all.  In the world of television, I just devoured The Great British Baking Show season that is available on Netflix and couldn’t stop. What are you watching and reading these days?

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