Firstly, I want to say congratulations to Jessica! You are the winner for the Yarn Crush giveaway. I will be contacting you via email and gathering your info to pass along to Yarn Crush for your prize. bitty breezy

“Ta-da” has become one of Zooey’s favorite things to say. I can’t get enough of her 3-year old voice sometimes and the certain intonation she uses. Ta-da is one of her favorite words, so it seems most appropriate for a post about her “wing sweater.” bitty breezy-5

This is a Bitty Breezy by Hannah Fettig. I used some Regia in Violett that I had stashed with a project for her in mind. I made the 4T size and followed the pattern to the letter, except for an extra inch of length on the body and about 1.25 extra inches of length to the sleeves. bitty breezy-3The extra length on the body was actually unintentional. I thought it was fine to begin with, but I lost track while knitting and then left it, rather than ripping it out. The length on the sleeves might help this sweater last an extra year. bitty breezy-7

So far, she loves it! I think it helps that she loves my Breezy cardigans and getting wrapped up inside them to snuggle. bitty breezy-2This color is also one of her favorites lately, so I hope this gets a lot of wear. The use of Regia might assure that this makes a useable sweater for Charlotte someday too, barring any crazy stains or damage. bitty breezy-6

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