How many of you out there knit the same projects over and over? I love to mix things up, but there are favorites of mine that I knit over and over. For some of these, like Ishbel, I’d say it’s because I both really enjoy the process and the product it makes. I think I’ve made four of those in total. I’ve knit Breezy twice in adult sizes, and once in a kiddo size. That one is all product love for me. For my current knit, Still Light, the knitting involves over a mile of stockinette (with a tiny bit of ribbing), and while this process is relaxing, it’s definitely the product that I really covet.

I wear my first Still Light at least once a week when the weather cooperates. The style has been flattering and forgiving as I’ve gained and lost weight through two pregnancies. I even wore this often when largely pregnant and I still liked it. I’ve repaired it in a couple of places. I decided I needed a back up. Truthfully, I would love to have about four of these and wear them all the time. still light

This one is being crafted with Ella Rae Lace Merino in Dark Teal. I made my first one in Ella Rae as well, and it’s held up well, despite the fineness of the yarn. This color is rocking my world right now. My eyes can’t get enough of it.

What are repeat knits can’t you stop making?

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