featherweight-3Once again, I’m making a Featherweight Cardigan. I made one when pregnant with Zooey, and another soon after I had her. Both of those are no longer in my sweater collection. The first one was made with Classic Elite Yarns Silky Alpaca lace weight. The yarn is gorgeous gossamer flossy stuff, and well, I had an armpit felting issue with it. Warm weather + sweaty armpits = we’ve got felting. It wasn’t ruined, but I could see that if I continued wearing it, things would be heading that way swiftly. I gave that one to a friend. The next one was made from a sock yarn that should have been washable due to the 25% synthetic content, but sadly, it was not, so that version was destroyed by much more intense felting.

This time, I believe I have truly learned my lesson and I am knitting this one out of Speck 100% silk yarn by The Loom. The color is Lichen and so far I love it. Will it be an easy care item? Not exactly. But it won’t have an armpit felting issue and I know exactly what I’m getting into up front. I have never knitted with 100% silk before. This version is pretty raw and has a dry crepey feeling to it. I love the feeling of it in my hands. It’s light and feels like it will be the perfect layer for spring. featherweight-2


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