marin-3The Marin shawl in Rhichard Devrieze Peppino (color: Flowers) is finished. This feels like the perfect thing for spring. The weather has been mostly lovely here with cooler mornings that require longer sleeves and some afternoons that don’t. Having a cadre of colorful shawls is handy for adding a bit of light warmth that can easily be removed if the weather warms. marinThis was a fairly quick project, finished in a little over a week. This is my second Marin and this time I didn’t run out of yarn. I used a size 5 needle, rather than a 4 like last time. I like the slightly looser drape of this version. It stays around my neck more easily than it’s sibling, with less fussing. marin-4The colors make me happy. As an added bonus, this piece will work with many outfits. marin-2I didn’t make any mods to this pattern, aside from adjusting to a size 5 needle to get gauge. Now I’m on to the next shawl. More soon.

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