As mentioned in my previous post, I’m trying to get rid of some stash. The things that I haven’t used and have owned for a long time are starting to feel like a burden. In some cases, like with this Cascade Eco+ yarn, I have intended to make use of the leftovers from other projects and I had just not gotten around to it yet. As I was listing things to destash, I decided to get proactive and cast on some blanket squares.

The colors are Satine (blue), Natural Gray (lighter gray), and Antique. The blanket will be a Barn Raising Quilt. Though I’m not doing this in fingering weight as intended, I am making the squares roughly the same size as called for in the pattern. In the Cascade Eco+ this means I am ending at 23 stitches per side. These squares go a lot faster than fingering weight. I once attempted this blanket in fingering weight, and got two squares finished before I quit. I have never finished an adult-sized blanket. I’m hoping for a little more staying power this time. 

If I was able to work uninterrupted, I think I could do probably one square in an hour or less. That makes finishing this project a lot more promising. I am seven squares in, and I’m going to keep working on this until I get bored and feel like working on another project again. Wish me luck!

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