hermiones socksMy walking socks are finished and ready to show off. These have been done for a couple of weeks, but they got set aside in the shuffle of website redesign that has been happening around here lately. This has been a steep learning curve for me, so if you tried to access my site and weren’t able to in the past couple of weeks, that’s why! These socks were made with The Lemonade Shop Mighty Sock and the color is called Sweatpants. The little flecks of color seem so much more celebratory than sweatpants, so I’ve imagined a more accurate description as being the kind of sweatpants you can dance in.

The pattern is called Hermione’s Everyday Socks. This is my third time making this pattern, but the first time I’m keeping the socks for myself. It’s an easily memorizable pattern. My only change is to mirror the socks. I decided to finish them with a little pop of lime at the top. I can’t actually remember what kind of yarn it is for the contrast color. I think it may be a color of Koigu, but I’m not sure. hermiones everyday socksI made these from the toe-up. Basically I just inserted the four stitch repeat in the pattern into my toe-up formula. I’m really excited to put these to the test. More indie dyers are making durable sock yarns these days. As much as I love Regia for durability and colors, there’s something completely magical about hand dyed yarns.


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