lotus-2This yarn is taunting me. It’s Tanis Fiber Arts Purewash Worsted in Lotus. It’s been sitting in my stash for a few weeks eagerly awaiting to become an R&R Hoodie, but I’ve been in the midst of finishing designs and other projects and I haven’t wanted to start it until I can really put some good focus on it. I haven’t even allowed myself a swatch! I have been intending this to be my Summer Sweater KAL project. I’m a bit behind for the start date, but I will hopefully have this on the needles by the end of the week.lotus

I have no idea what this yarn will be like when knitted. This is my first time to use one of Tanis’ lovely colors. This is a new yarn line for Tanis Fiber Arts. I eagerly awaited the release on Etsy for the shop update. I sat there and hit refresh on my computer until it was time and immediately put yarn in my cart. I was right to move so quickly, but it wasn’t quickly enough. I was so frustrated because the first time I had 7 skeins of Chris Grey in my cart and didn’t complete the checkout fast enough. Then I waited for the next shop update. And it happened again. I was imagining a lovely light grey hoodie with a bright contrast color zipper. It was not to be, I guess. This was my second choice, and is a color I’m drawn to so often it might as well serve as a neutral color in my wardrobe. This yarn has a little more color variation in person than it looked like initially online, but I’m crossing my fingers for some subtlety when it’s knit as a large garment. For adult garments I’m not a huge fan of wild color shifts brought on by yarn. I’ll probably alternate stripes from multiple skeins since these are hand dyed. I still wish I’d gotten my first choice color, but if I survive putting a zipper in a hoodie I will likely knit a second one. And a third. Because I’m a repeat knitter. Oh and the pattern comes in baby and kid sizes too…so I might have to knit them for the whole family!

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