This version of a Barn Raising Quilt of mine is about halfway there. I keep assuring myself that if I get really sick of it I can do a few more squares and just call it a lap blanket, but I think I will persist.blanket

I was trying to carry this around instead of socks, but I love to be able to switch colors, and that meant carrying around two pretty large skeins of yarn, since this Cascade Eco is a bulky weight yarn and it comes in 478 yard hanks (making one huge yarn cake). Not quite as portable as socks. Still, each square only takes about 45 minutes. Right now I’m obsessed with the R&R Hoodie for me and I started one for Charlotte too (as a small portable project), so the blanket squares have slowed to a trickle.

I block them when I have around 8 or more ready so that won’t be a daunting task later. I think it’s going to be a fantastic blanket and I know I’ll be proud of it when it’s done, but I just keep thinking, “Are we there yet?”

Some of you may remember I reviewed some Unicorn Fibre washes awhile back. At the time I was only moderately in love with them. In the last 8 months I’ve been continually using the Beyond Clean wash every time I get a knit with tough stains that I know will require special attention. Now I’m in love with this stuff. When I reviewed it most of the items I tested it with had really old stains that probably wouldn’t budge with anything. For newer dirt this stuff seems miraculous. I just ordered a gallon of the Power Scour (which is the same as Beyond Clean with a little lavender scent). They have a redesigned site and have free US Shipping through September with the code FREESHIP.

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