charlotte sweater-2I couldn’t help myself from starting a baby version of the R&R Hoodie well before mine was close to finished. I knew as soon as mine was underway that I would like to make these for Zooey and Charlotte as well. I decided to start with one for Charlotte since I already had all of the yarn I needed on hand. The yarn is some Pagewood Farms Chugiak in Teal held with Cascade Heritage Paints in Celtic held together. Charlotte is a pretty teeny lady (18″ chest size at almost 17 months), so I elected to make her the 6-12 month size and add a little length to the sleeves and body since the 6-12 month size has a generous 22″ chest size.

What you see above looks a bit like a bra, as a friend commented on my Instagram post about this sweater, but what is shown are the pockets for the hoodie. I’m a bit father along than this shows now and I realized when I went to join the pockets to the body that I had forgotten the plain stockinette rows prior to decrease rows on one of the pockets, so I had to rip one back and reknit it. I’ve had to make two minor revisions with this sweater, because in another IG post you can see I forgot the pockets altogether. Sigh. At least this is the smallest version I’m going to be making so the reknitting time is reduced. You’d think I wasn’t already mostly through a much bigger version of this sweater! Mistakes happen. Even when you’ve been knitting for 12 years and you’re working on a sweater with many stress free design elements. charlotte sweaterI truly love this hoodie. I am going to work on convincing Matt that he needs one too. He’s not very into hoodies, but I think he will be convinced if I let him try my finished one on. I got some good chunks of time to work on mine over the previous weekend and I can’t wait to finish!

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