rrhoodie-5Though my R&R Hoodie has been finished for about a week, it is much easier to get pictures of a small person in hers. I finished putting in the zipper on Charlotte’s hoodie on Saturday and got her out in the slightly wet mid 60’s (Fahrenheit) degree weather on Sunday. We’ve had some hot and humid afternoons lately, so I’ve been remiss to put on worsted weight wool items for photographs. Charlotte did well with this in the few minutes we were out taking photos. It all seems like a game of chase to her, I think. rrhoodie-2This is the R&R Hoodie, by the lovely Tanis Lavallee. It calls for worsted weight yarn, but I held two fingering weight yarns together: Cascade Heritage Paints in Celtic, and Pagewood Farms Chugiak in Teal. When it became apparent toward the end that I was going to run out of yarn, I sighed with immense relief when I had enough Bulletproof Sock in Riptide left to add some accent to the hood and i-cord edging. I made the 12 month size but added length to the sleeves and body. rrhoodieI probably could have dialed it back a bit on the sleeve and body length. She is still a very tiny person, wearing 12 month things at 17 months old now. I’m a bit obsessed with getting the maximum amount of use out of knits. Thus, Zooey has several things I made her when she was 2 that will just now perfectly fit at age 4…

See the zipper in the picture above? I’m not sure if it curving in is just how zippers are sometimes or if that came from the way I sewed it in. This sweater is still several inches too wide for her body, so I’m not sure if that’s a natural tendency of zippers with looser fitting garments, or not. If anyone has insight, I’d love some. rrhoodie-3The hood is not quite as long as it should be because I was, ahem, running out of yarn. I think it will do for awhile, but I might have made a mistake in adding so much extra length to the body and the sleeves. Right now, it’s alright. rrhoodie-6Right now she has no awareness of pockets of any kind. I think when she realizes that she can keep things in them or put her hands in them, a revelation will take place. rrhoodie-7Regardless of my worries about hood to body proportions in my version, I am glad she has a cozy hoodie going into the fall. I wholeheartedly agree with Tanis that the extra work of putting in a zipper is so worth it when it comes to the functionality of the garment. One zipper versus 6-8 buttons on a kid jacket or cardigan is much faster. Plus, it eliminates the whole choking hazard worry.

When I can stand the humidity to photograph myself in my R&R Hoodie I will post some pics. In the meantime, I’m going to work like mad on Zooey’s version and I’ll show some peeks of that one soon.

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