While I fully expected that when I got to my 10 year post glitter would fall from the air, trumpets might sound, and I’d have the coolest post in the world for my readers…alas, I am a human being. I am actively trying to shrug off my unhealthy perfectionist tendencies, so here is just another post that happens also to be my 10 year anniversary post. I keep writing these things because I can’t stop talking about knitting. While I have a lovely group of ladies I spend many Thursday nights with at my LYS, Hand Held Knitting, we don’t always get to explore each others’ projects with the same amount of depth that knitting bloggers do. I like to look over the specs, where someone changed a pattern, how much yarn they really used, how they improvised when they flubbed, and what they really think of the pattern when it’s done. I love documenting my own process. This is as close to a diary as I’ve ever gotten, even though it’s about a highly specialized topic. I love seeing my own progress as a knitter, or sometimes looking back on a project that I was very excited about that just sat in a drawer until I gave it away eventually. I don’t always remember to share that part.

I did wish for a little more fanfare for this post, but then life. Last weekend I got mastitis. If you’ve had this, you know what a fiasco this is for your body. If you haven’t, imagine you have the flu, then you have razor blades in one of your breasts and you also must present said Frankenboob to your offspring to nurse as much as possible to keep the milk flowing, and that baby looks at you like, “Mom, WTF?!” Yeah, kid, I know. I’m taking antibiotics and I’m about halfway over it, but that zapped any parade of awesomeness I planned. I couldn’t even bring myself to knit because I was so tired. You know it’s serious then, right?

I’m not doing a giveaway. I’m not doing a sale. I’m just going to keep blogging on and on about the stuff I like to knit or design, and sometimes I might go on a two to three month knitted hoodie bender like I recently did. If you’ve been reading for awhile, thanks for reading and commenting if you do that too.

For my parade today, I’d like to show you some of the upcoming fun I’m planning. While I am deeply into working on Rift, and only Rift until that is finished, that doesn’t stop me from daydreaming about the next few things I want to make, and I’m going to immerse myself in some gradients. I’ve been ogling Element for about a year now. I have this perfectly lovely Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in my stash, but it’s so close in color to my second Still Light Tunic that I didn’t want to have two pieces in nearly identical colors that I’m probably going to wear all the time. I thought that I should mix it up a bit, so tapping into my inner Rainbow Bright I decided to get a little crazy and think about striping the sleeves for some fun using a Sweet Georgia Party of Five kit in Snapdragon. yarns-3It might be weird and I might hate it, or maybe it will be awesome. The Hazel Knits color is Malachite and it has more blue undertones. What do you all think of this combo? Good or do the blue undertones and yellow greens not work?

I also fell in love with Sweet Georgia Party of Five Kit in Jellybean. These colors just called to me from the moment I saw them. I think this kit and an extra skein of Orchid will become a dress somewhat like Still Light Tunic for Zooey. yarns-5Keeping with the gradient vibe, I’m also considering a Gathering Stripes for Charlotte using a Black Trillium gradient kit I’ve been hanging on to for some time. black_trillium_mediumSo prepare yourself for some color experiments and thanks for reading.

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