Rift is hanging out on the blocking board, finally. I started this sweater ALMOST A YEAR AGO. I kept thinking it was last March in my head, but then when I went to Ravelry to look, it shows that I started it at the end of January. Wowza. Slow fashion, indeed. rift-blockingThis blocking operation was a bit more precise when I started out. As the pieces kept their shapes while drying, I’ve been flipping them from time to time to speed up the drying process on the double layer of worsted weight. I don’t usually pin pieces if I can help it as long as it doesn’t need to be stretched a bit.

Those sleeves…they’re cray. I was following the increases for the 43″ they started to look huge. They are. I ended up only increasing to the next size down. This is going to be more of an oversize sweater than I usually make for Matt, so I hope it works out well. I did add some length to the body. I’m so exhausted by this thing that if it doesn’t fit him the way he wants I told him we are giving it to someone that does, and I’ll start over with something else. The yarn, however, Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, is delightful and feels wonderful.

I can’t wait to finish this sucker for real and work on some new things, so I’m happy that it’s almost finished!

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