Happy Halloween, friends! I finished a pair of socks that I started in, ahem, July. Thanks, Ravelry for keeping me accountable! A few years back people focused on knitting a pair in socks and called it Socktober. It seems lately Socktober has come to mean donating socks to local shelters. Both are cool things in my opinion, but I’m making a reference to knitting a pair of socks in October here. Really, it’s some super cheating because I only finished these in October.

I was working on these in the movie theater while watching The Girl on the Train a couple of weekends ago and my friend said they were lovely. I have quite a few pairs of socks already, so I asked her if she would like them when I finished. She was very excited and that gave me just enough of a push to finish them. It’s nice to have a reason to get something off of the needles more quickly, as long as it’s not a high pressure situation.

They are made with Regia yarn in the line Garden Effects. This specific color is called Gold. You may or may not remember that this yarn is what Zooey threatened to separate from the ball, so I did save a little to include in some mittens for her.


The cuff has some 1×1 ribbing. I’ve made deliberate use of aperture here to disguise my unshaven legs, so the ribbing is less obvious. I suppose mentioning the unshaven legs negates the effects of the camera work, but so be it. Let’s disregard the need for constant perfectionism, shall we?

Luckily, most of my close girl friends have somewhat similarly sized feet. I’m a size 9, and these ended up going to a friend with size 8 feet, but when she tried them on she declared that they fit well. I think there is only about 1/4″ difference between sizes, but I’m not sure if that refers to half or whole sizes. Even the Craft Yan Council groups several sizes together and I consider them the standard reference for many sizing questions.

Happy Halloween and Happy Knitting!

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