I’m working away on a Gathering Stripes for Charlotte. The smallest size is a 2T. She’s quite petite–wearing a 12 month size at 18 months, so I am working this at a slightly smaller gauge (7 sts to the inch) to make up for some of the size difference. Right now we are still living in fully 80 degree Fahrenheit weather. I’m ready for something that feels like autumn! This is a bit too warm and crazy for me. Both of their Halloween costumes were supposed to involve hoodies, but it was way too warm for that. Regardless, I’m plugging away on this sweater in hopes that it will gather some cooler weather for us.


This gorgeous yarn is a Black Trillium Pebble Sock gradient kit in the color Shire. Its verdant lusciousness makes me very happy. I am knitting each stripe for about 3.25 inches, with the exception of the collar which was a bit longer. This seems to make a nice transitions between the sections so far. I might not use those exact dimensions on the sleeves as I’m most interested in making this a functional sweater for Charlotte and super long sleeves would not work for her. I think she’s going to look spectacular in this color green. I’m pleased to finally have a pattern to use with this kit as it’s been living in my stash for a couple of years and it’s too lovely not to see knitted.

Is it cold where you are? If so, I’m green with envy…

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