It’s election day, United States readers. Please go vote if you haven’t already and you are able. I don’t care who you vote for (well, actually I do but I won’t go there), as long as you get out and vote. Pictured in this sweater, pattern title: Rift, is my husband who happens to be on our local city council (and does a damn fine job). He’s up for re-election today, so I’m dubbing this the “election day sweater.”


The pattern is well written, but I think the sleeves are crazily wide at the top. I scaled this down to the 39 1/4″ size for the sleeves at the top and they’re still way too big. Overall, this sweater is just a little bigger than both Matt and I would like it to be. I got gauge and stuck to the pattern, but I should have just made modifications to size this between the two smallest sizes. Matt is thinking of this as a “lounge around sweater” and that is disappointing because I wanted it to be something that made it out of the house often. The yarn (Brooklyn Tweed SHELTER in Faded Quilt) is too lovely to belong to a sweater that has lackluster reception. I am exhausted at the thought of ripping this thing out, so if he doesn’t end up wearing it, it may just be given away and I’ll make something different.


The collar is also very wide. I suppose I could have added another row or two, but I was running out of yarn. I have less than 5 yards left, I think. I used one extra skein for his size (43″) because I added extra length to the body.


The design has lovely shoulder details, but this also made the shoulders really wide, making the fit a bit odd.


The side ribbing makes for a nice design element too.

Really, I have very mixed feelings about this sweater. I enjoy sweaters that have some extra roominess, but I’m not sure that’s Matt’s thing. I really don’t want to rip this thing out and start anew. We shall see what happens.


Now, get out and vote, America!

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