Charlotte’s Gathering Stripes is finished and moments after I placed the buttons on the funnel neck it was on her body. I think it brings just the right amount of cozy. I used a gradient kit by Black Trillium in the Pebble Sock base. The color of the kit is Shire. I used most of the kit for a slightly smaller than 2T size. I modified the gauge a bit, so it would be a better fit for her.


In these pictures she is also wearing pants I made her over a year ago. I tend to like to make my kid’s knitted stuff a little oversized, and in this case it worked out for one extra season of loungy knitted pants.


This kiddo never stops moving, so I do my best to capture her while I can. My Popple from the 1980’s has made a big resurgence in our house lately. Charlotte and Zooey have been delighted by it.


We had a cruddy week over here, health-wise. I got strep throat early in the week, then Charlotte got a mild case of croup, and Zooey had what seemed to be a sinus infection, but included a fever for about 24 hours and one incident of vomiting. Today, we are almost totally better, but these pictures were taken Saturday morning when none of us were in a rush to do anything but lay around in comfy clothing and cuddle.


At the end of taking this mish mash of photos I realized that technically the sweater was on backwards. The front and back are identical except for the neckline. I couldn’t even imagine starting over. I hope Charlotte enjoys her version of the sweater as much as Zooey still enjoys hers. Zooey’s still fits her and I just repaired a bunch of small holes in it. She calls it her “cozy cozy sweater.” gathering-stripes-3

It does look pretty cozy, huh?

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