I thought these socks were for me when I started them. I truly did. This pattern is the Staccato Socks pattern from Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn. The yarn is Bittersweet Woolery Guilty Pleasures in Crocus. This yarn is special to me. I bought it at my first (and so far only) Rhinebeck adventure in 2011. I’ve wanted to use it so many times, but each time I start something with it, it never seems just right, so it hasn’t happened. This time I decided to work on some Staccato Socks. I made the pattern twice before and loved the way it worked with a wilder sock yarn. Both of those pairs went to friends. Apparently Staccato Socks and I are not to be because this pair decided it was for my mother. The more I knit the yarn, the more firmly I came to decide it had to be for her because this shade of yellow greenery is her absolute favorite. So they shall be hers when they’re finished. Perhaps another time, Staccato Socks.

This is a hand-dyed yarn and you can see that one end of the ball is definitely a bit lighter than the other. One foot looks almost white, while the other is clearly a bright yellow. That’s not a trick of the lighting or exposure. It’s lovely either way, but a little funny when you see them develop side by side.


Do you ever have projects that seem they should just be for other people even when you didn’t start out that way? I do think these are beautiful, but my sock drawer is rich with wool and I like to share sometimes. Though sock yarn is my most coveted kind of yarn, it’s also easiest for me to impulsively give away socks because most of my friends and my mom have similarly sized feet and I definitely have an abundance of socks. I think everyone should have cozy feet come winter time.

What’s your favorite sock pattern of all time? I knit a lot of vanilla socks (all stockinette) as well as socks with simple patterns that can become rhythmic or mindless. I have the Cookie A book Knit. Sock. Love. and adore those patterns, but I’m very wedded to my method of two at a time from the toe up, so that stops me from undertaking the more complicated and artistic sock patterns sometimes. I think I’ll get over that, but I always love inspiration, so feel free to share your favorites!


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