These simple, unobtrusive socks were the aforementioned project that I worked on for several weeks in Matt’s presence without him noticing them. I had teased him a little bit when I asked him if he knew what he was getting for Christmas. He assumed he would get something knitted and convinced himself it was a navy hat. That was even more amusing to me. He was completely surprised when he opened these.

The yarn is something I had stashed for awhile, purchased a few years back when on sale at Webs with socks for Matt as the intended project for them. The yarn is ONline Supersocke 4-fach City Color in the colorway London. I let him wear them for a day and then wrested them away for safekeeping until I could get a picture of them. That’s the price he pays for living with a knitter that is obsessed about documenting almost every project.

I knit them toe up, increasing to 72 for his size, with a heel flap that wraps around the bottom and back of the heel. I did 1×1 ribbing on the leg to help them stay up. For the most part, all of the socks I knit for Matt are stockinette with some ribbing somewhere on the leg or just cuff. I made socks with a bit of a pattern just once when the yarn was a solid color. Usually the yarn I use for him is so busy that I don’t think about applying a stitch pattern to it, but perhaps I should apply simple repeats more often.

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