I’ve finished another pair of socks. Gasp! Surely not me! I never knit socks! (Insert plenty of sarcasm here). Put “sock” in the search bar on the side and you’ll see what I mean…The pattern is called Staccato Socks and the yarn is Bittersweet Woolery Guilty Pleasures in Crocus. The yarn was purchased at my (so far) one and only trip to Rhinebeck back in 2011. I’m still longing for another Rhinebeck adventure! Though soft and lovely, it is a bit odd that one part of the hank was clearly more exposed to the yellow dye and the other part wasn’t. They are beautiful socks, but they’re definitely fraternal twins in the sock world.

Ok, I guess I can say something else unique about these socks. The lace pulls the sock in significantly. Often I can make a pair of socks for my feet and they will fit my mother just fine (these are going to her). When I thought I could make the heel flap at Christmas based on my foot and had her try them on they weren’t even close to the right spot. Her foot is wider, so that really affected the length they needed to reach before making the heel flap. Then I made a crazy long heel flap. The gusset decreases shown above go much much higher into the leg than I usually have on my socks. I’m crossing my fingers hard that these will fit her well!

On another note, I was experiencing some hard core yarn lust last night looking at some Tangerine SweetGeorgia yarns. I was immersed in that color on Zooey’s tunic and I just wanted to keep bathing my eyes in it. I really want to make another Oshima (aka Favorite. Sweater. Ever.) one of these days and I think it would be so fun in that bright color. It was really hard not to pull the trigger and just order it last night, but I slept on it and decided I should save that as a reward for something significant. I’m telling you though, that color sings, and I think it will keep softly crooning for awhile.

Deep breaths. Back to work.

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