The body of Zooey’s mini Still Light Tunic is finished! She had a few complaints about the “skirt” as I was knitting it, mostly because it doesn’t contain ruffles. I think she will change her mind when she puts it on, and I’ve let her know that if she doesn’t like it I will save it for Charlotte. That revs the competitive spirit right back up and she decides that she likes it. Ah, parenthood.

I love the colors in this Party of Five Jelly Bean set. From top to bottom they are orchid, clementine, tangerine, persimmon, and dutch. I am deeply in love with all of them and have fantasized thoroughly about a sweater in tangerine or persimmon.

All that remains are the sleeves (in orchid) and a tiny button to sew on at the back. I believe that I will be making three quarter length sleeves, as in the original Still Light Tunic. I am going to see if I can get Z to try it on this evening to get a little preview. I suppose I will have to make her something with ruffles sometime because she wants it so badly, but ruffles wear me out!

I used as much of the gradient kit as I possibly could. What you see at the bottom of this ribbed hem is all that remains of the final color. Talk about yarn chicken.

These colors make me so happy. I think they’re a great antidote to winter blahs. I wish the set came in 400 yard skeins, but I guess I could just buy them in full skeins and replicate this citrus rainbow goodness. Consider yourself enabled.

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