Flaum is getting continued attention and the magic of the collar/body connection fully makes sense in my brain now. Once my brain understood the construction I thought it was brilliant. Sometimes I’m a little spatially challenged.

I’m knitting this in Cascade Heritage fingering weight in charcoal. It’s delightfully squishy in the fisherman’s rib, but that also makes it seem like it’s growing at a glacial pace. I keep trying it on and know I’m going to love wearing this when it’s done. 

I don’t make a lot of grey, black, brown, or cream items. You know, those essential neutrals we’re supposed to have around to balance out the other brightly colored things in our closet. At one point turquoise was a “neutral” in my wardrobe and I was able to wear turquoise shoes almost every day and they coordinated with my clothing. I still rock a lot of turquoise/aqua/sea foam regularly, but it seemed appropriate to make a neutral thing this time. I’m never going to shy away from bright colors, but this time I’m making a very grown up sweater.

I’m definitely adding a couple of inches to the length of the body, but I can’t really see myself making any other changes. I think the collar is supposed to measure a little wider than it actually does, but I love it as it is anyway and I think this whole thing will be a great fit. Back to the knitting!


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