Zooey’s mini Still Light Tunic is finished! She’s in love with it and that makes me so happy. I’ve made myself Still Light Tunics on two occasions and I love the pattern. It’s a pretty simple top-down raglan style, so I modified it to Zooey’s size by figuring out what a good starting point for her neckline might be and used the percentages from the original pattern. For her size I thought 86 stitches would be a good starting point, but that looked far too small. Then I ripped that and started with 102 stitches. That seemed just right.


I used SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock in Orchid for the top of the body and a Tough Love Party of Five Kit in Jelly Bean for the skirt. I knitted each color of the skirt for 27 rows since that seemed like an amount that would use up as much of the yarn as possible, while still allowing for some increase in width as I got further along in the skirt. It worked out well.

This dress fits her perfectly! I think she might be able to wear it a little bit next year too as she grows. I think the three quarter sleeves are a bit of a mystery to her as she usually has short sleeves or full sleeves on most of her clothing. She tries to pull them down often. I believe the length of the tunic is about 18″ past the underarm area, so this can grow into being a tunic as she grows.

I happened to have some little pink buttons on hand that matched very well.

She can’t wait to wear it to school for Valentine’s Day!

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