I’m mad at this sweater. Sometimes I want to throw it across the room or shove it into a project bag and put off thinking about it for a year. Perhaps I should have ripped it out (for the third time) awhile ago. This is a case where I want the finished object (Flaum) so badly, but I’m not enjoying most of the knitting. Sigh.

Behold, the undignified pile of sweater. I’ve ripped this out back to the collar one time after almost being at the point of separating sleeves. Then after getting past that and being almost to the point to make pockets, I realized I was not doing the fisherman’s rib correctly (I was only doing it on the WS) I ripped again. It feels like the sea of grey will never end. Luckily I’ve ordered some extremely colorful yarn for a baby knit for a coming niece, and hopefully that will revitalize my knitting mojo. Right now I’m not in love with any of my projects, nor do I know what to cast on.

On the plus side, the Cascade Heritage fingering weight interminably grey yarn is holding up very well despite being ripped out twice. This sweater is a worsted weight project, so I’m holding two strands together to get the right gauge. You can see above that I’m still not back to the point where I ripped out because I’m still working from one Frankenstein ball rather than two. Soon, soon.

Or I’ll just put this off until the fall….

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