I repeat myself when it comes to knitting. A lot. this is my third time to make Little Oak by Alana Dakos, and it won’t be my last, even for this year. Last week I stumbled across this gorgeous magenta Manos Alegria at my LYS and I bought all four of the skeins that were there.

I have quite a bit of this color in my stash…but not in fingering weight in the right amount to make two little kid cardigans so my girls can wear matching cardigans all the time, right?! See how I talk myself into these things?

At least I didn’t let it languish in my stash and I cast it on almost as soon as I finished Fantoosh. I am working on the predictably soothing stockinette sections, first the body, now the sleeves. Then when I put the pieces together and it starts to look like a little sweater I’ll be doing the fun cabling. I can’t wait! I’m not sure I’ll make the larger one for Zooey immediately, but I can always cast it on right away and have it as a go-to knit night (lots of conversation) or movie theater (can’t see what I’m doing) project for the stockinette portions. Having the girls in matching little sweaters is a super knitting nerd dream that I’m very excited about!

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