When I bound off Ishbel the other day I decided I had to cast on another shawl. Trying hard not to just repeat one I’ve done and loved, I looked around on Ravelry and fell in love with the simple elegance of Aperture Shawl. The smaller size uses just one skein of sock yarn and I had some lovely Colinette Jitterbug in Wasabi Squeeze in my sock yarn stash…so you can guess what happened next.

I really like the rhythm of this pattern. I’m through the first chart at the time of this photograph. The second chart gets a little more complicated, but it is all predictable shifting. I successfully knit at knit night without messing it up, so that’s a positive indication of this being a wine and conversation friendly knit.

I’m in more of a casting on mood than finishing these days, thus the avoidance of posting updated and finished photos of both the Little Oak for Charlotte and the Ishbel that is blocked but not photographed. I know I will get to them eventually because at a certain level (usually after about a week) I feel some anxiety if I haven’t posted on the blog and that pushes me to get things done. I’m an ENFP and it seems like many with the perceiving personality type wait until they feel a sense of urgency before getting tasks done (aka I’m a natural procrastinator). So I’ll post some photos of those things when the mood strikes. Until then I’m going to keep knitting some lace.

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