This is one of the prettiest baby blankets I’ve ever made. This is a simple Pinwheel Blanket and this time I used a TFA Palettes kit in Camaro. I gave the mom-to-be some choices and this is the combination she picked. I wasn’t totally in love with this combination of colors, nor did I realize the genius of it, until it was finished and appeared in all of its round rainbow glory.

I used every bit of the kit, transitioning to the next color when I had about six inches of the working yarn left. When I got to the last color I paused when I had 7 rows and weighed the amount of yarn left. I knit one row and after that I realized my next row would have to be the bind off.

This is the largest Pinwheel Blanket I’ve made yet. It’s DK weight and is 48″ in diameter. I think this would also work well as a lap blanket and am considering making another Pinwheel out of the Summer TFA Palette kit I have to keep around the house. I am so stinking proud of this simple little blanket and probably going to be addicted to Tanis Fiber Arts yarns now…

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