My backup yarn is in place. In my last post I discussed worries about not having enough yarn for my project and ordering a solid version of the color I’m using (Dream in Color Smooshy in the kettle dyed Melon Bomb). As shown, the Melon Bomb I ordered is not the kettle dyed version and is complementary, but much more solid since I could not locate the kettle dyed version.

If I have to use it, it will be for the hemmed edges of the neckline and armholes. Based on the amount of yarn I have left as I’m working the front, it looks like I might get away without having to use it and can lovingly store it in my stash until a time when I feel compelled to enjoy it’s ferocious melon color again for a project.

The neckline on Over the Top Top is complete, with alterations. The following details are probably more technical than anyone not working the pattern and wanting to alter it would care for, but I am sometimes remiss to keep track of these things and regret it if I attempt to make a garment again and replicate what I did before. For a paid pattern I would never give away so many details of the pattern, but this one is free and I feel like putting the details of my alterations is a non-issue in this case.

First, I knit the back piece to 22″ before starting the neckline to get the additional length I need for my frame. Second, I added an additional seven repeats of the plain rows on the shoulder that come after placing the stitch marker to mark the halfway point. I am aiming for a more open and warm weather friendly neckline, so I increased that area. I also added repeats to the area that shapes the front neckline with increases. I’m making the 40″ size and I increased until I had 52 stitches per side (rather than 46) to increase the overall neckline by making the join a bit lower. Because of the additional neckline increases before casting on the stitches that form the front of the neck, I only cast on 11 stitches to join the neck.

I’m racing to the finish as fast as I can, ignoring all my other WIPs in the excitement of finishing something seasonally appropriate. I feel comfortable knowing that this will turn out fine whether I run out of the kettle dyed version or not.

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