Sometimes you finish a knit and it’s just disappointing. That’s how I feel about Over the Top Top. Don’t get me wrong, it’s adorable in the sample photos, and perhaps could be with some alterations, but the moment I tried it on I had a feeling that it would be going to the frog pond.

I used Dream in Color Smooshy in kettle dyed Melon Bomb. I love the yarn and was really excited to have the pop of color. I added extra length and was still able to use slightly under two skeins of yarn, despite my earlier anxiety about not having enough.

I think I just hate this top. I wore it to work one day to test it out and I felt myself adjusting it. I also altered the neckline to make it more open. I think that must be the explanation for the weird waving that is on either side of the neck. Fail.

This top could also use some waist shaping. It crossed my mind while knitting it, but I promptly ignored that in favor of the carefree stockinette. If I were to attempt this again, I would at least put an inch and a half or so of waist shaping in. I think that would have made it more flattering. It hangs like a sad sack and clings to the wrong places. It has to go. I hate to have to frog whole items, but I don’t think it’s worth trying to alter this into something I’d actually wear. I think this lovely yarn just needs to become something else that I like better. Or maybe Zooey will get her wish and it will become something for her since she was tortured about the prospect of it becoming something that wasn’t for her.

Here’s to liberating yarn from garments that aren’t flattering! (I’ll drink to that later while I’m cheerfully frogging it).

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