First, it’s my 36th birthday and if you use the code HAPPY36 in the next week, you can get any of my designs for 36% off. Eventually I’ll get so old I’m going to be giving them away for free!

Now, for the knitting content… I’m working away on Astonish Top. I’m using the recommended yarn, but I could not get gauge. Luckily most of the pattern specifies knitting to a certain measurement, so it seems to be working out (crossing fingers very hard). The back is complete and I’m well into the front at this point.

I really like the Lindy Chain yarn recommended for the pattern. It’s a Knit Picks yarn that is a cotton/linen blend and is very affordable. I used Shibui Linen on a summer top a couple of years ago and this feels similar, but the Lindy Chain is softer and seems to be slightly more round and full. When I used the Shibui to make a Linum Tee a couple of years ago I used the same needle size and that produced a lightweight sheer fabric, while this does not. They are both classified as fingering weight. I live in Arkansas, land of heat and humidity in the summer. If I can get away with a summer knit that is a single layer, I’m going to do it, so I’m very excited that this piece is not sheer.

This pattern has some fairly negative comments in Ravelry projects about mistakes for yarn requirements, difficulty in putting things together, etc. There was an error that had me flummoxed for a minute until I found the errata on the Ravelry page. It has to do with the placement of the cast on sleeve stitches and the way the pattern is written the sleeve stitches would end up on the bottom. I had to stop, actually pause my episode of Younger (secret shame!), and contemplate things for awhile. Then I remembered Ravelry and went looking for more information. I’m used to digital patterns being updated when errors are found (and try to do that myself), so I forgot that sometimes you have to go looking.

I think the finished measurements will end up close to the 40″ size. Several people have altered the top to have a contrasting i-cord bottom edge and I might go with that as well, depending on the finished length. Right now I think that will work. This is a fingering weight on a size 3, so it’s taking some time, but I think if I can get the finishing right I will love this piece and wear it often. The 92 degree weather is definitely keeping my attention on this, rather than other items with wool.

Back to some knitting!

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