I started another project, though it did come on the tail of finishing Astonish Top (pictures soon), so at least I didn’t just add to the ever-growing list of UFOs hanging around my house. This is a Vasa, which might be the simplest top I will have knitted to date. That doesn’t mean it’s not delightful. I’m changing things up a bit by using silk instead of the merino recommended. I’m also going to put some waist shaping into the back piece to keep it from looking boxy on me. Like this beautiful example, I might do some contrast color around the sleeves.This yarn was gifted to me. I know for sure the brown is Loom Speck Silk. The pink yarn feels like silk, but seems a little heavier so I’m not totally sure.

This is not my only new project lust. I set a goal for myself of not buying any new yarn to add to my stash until Rhinebeck (hurrah! I’m going this year!), and I have plenty of things I can knit out of stash. This isn’t difficult, but requires some discipline over my ooh, that yarn is pretty and I must have it impulsive nature. Ahem, all of the gorgeous speckled yarn out in the world. I’m talking to you. So, I am dying to cast on a So Faded, because I have plenty of sock yarns I can use to make several of those. I’m also enamored with Pink Memories, and have at least two kinds of yarn that will work for that.

As part of managing my stash, I’m going to give yarn away!

This is some Manos Fino (30% silk, 70% merino) that is beautiful, but as I have no current plans for it, it seems fun to give away. I will pick a random comment from the post next Thursday morning and ship off the yarn. I can only do shipping withing the U.S., because international shipping is quite expensive. So please, tell me what you would like to make with 490 yards of single ply lace weight yarn and I’ll consider you entered in the drawing.

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