First, apologies for the grainy photos. I did a rush job and these have less detail than I’d like, but I’d rather get this post out than wait for the perfect moments for pictures.

This Astonish Top had its rollercoaster moments. First, I couldn’t get gauge, despite trying the recommended needle size, one smaller, and using the exact yarn specified (Knit Picks Lindy Chain in Gosling and Navy). No big deal. I’m used to making some alterations and most of the pattern was written to measurements. There was an error that I found the answer to on the Ravelry pattern page. I wish I’d made one size smaller. Though I made it to measurement, bias knit fabric is more forgiving than I’m used to, so this became an accidental tunic.

I knit to a 40″ chest size, but I think about 2″ smaller might have been perfect. I didn’t do the seed stitch edges on the arms because I liked them the length they were, and I also didn’t want to add length to the bottom. The whole piece seems to be growing a bit while I wear it. The top ended up about 18″ from armhole when it was being blocked, but it seems to get a little bit longer as I have worn it twice. Maybe it will eventually morph into something that can be worn with leggings. Who knows!

Check out those sport bra strap marks. Yeah, I work out.

Regardless, it’s a comfortable piece that I feel is fairly flattering. There will be no frogging with this one. The pattern definitely could use a bit of polishing. Though it was fairly obvious when I got to that point, the pattern never specifically said to bind off, which had me doing a bit of a double take and checking to make sure I hadn’t missed a page. I’m also used to digital patterns updating the actual pattern and sending out a corrected version, as that happens so often on Ravelry. Sometimes I forget that you have to go hunting for errata.

Many folks on Ravelry said the finishing was difficult. I wanted all of the stripes to match up neatly and that took some finesse. I did i-cord around the sleeve edges in the contrast color and around the bottom in the main color to neaten those edges. I thought adding it to the neck might make things look a little too stiff so I left that alone. I don’t know if adding it to the bottom was necessary and pulled things in a bit tighter than I would have liked, occasionally making a bit of a balloon effect. Right now I’m just going to see if that relaxes with wear and I’m going to leave it alone.

All in all, I don’t know that I would make this pattern again, but I will enjoy the lightness of this finished linen/cotton piece for some time. Maybe I’ll give it a try with leggings as it seems like it’s not slowing down in terms of gaining length. I’m happy to have this off of the needles and on my body while it’s still summer!

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