My journey with Flaum has not been easy or simple. First, I believe that I got the ribbing backwards on one side of the collar. I didn’t worry about it and figured no one would notice, so carried on anyway. Then, I knit the Fisherman’s rib incorrectly for about 8 inches below the underarms before I realized I was doing it wrong. So I ripped that out and redid it. Then I grew frustrated with the project and put it away for the whole summer, only to return to it and do the Fisherman’s rib incorrectly again for an inch or so. I definitely can’t say that I have loved every minute of this project. Right now it is blocking and I am really hoping I will like the outcome.

Here are some things I would change about the way I did it. I held two strands of fingering weight yarn together to mimic worsted weight yarn. I would definitely, definitely not do that again as this made for fabric that snags very easily in the Fisherman’s rib part. With the two strands I would have been better off leaving the Fisherman’s rib in my incorrect manner because that would have held it together better. This is a very loose and light fabric. I think it will be nice to wear, but I fear that it will snag on everything and I will forever be working in loose strands.

If I like the way this sweater looks and works into my wardrobe, I probably will be making it again using a single strand of yarn, possibly even the recommended Owl yarn by Quince and Co. I used Cascade Heritage Solids in Charcoal.

Right now I am just so relieved to be done with it. All of the strands are woven in. The only thing that remains after it dries is seeming the pockets. I have a very colorful pullover planned next and I can’t wait to get to it!

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