My long awaited Flaum is finished. I started this thing in January last year. That’s a long time for me to have a sweater on the needles. We had many ups and downs, mostly downs. The color (Cascade Heritage Solids in Charcoal) was something I really wanted in my wardrobe, but wasn’t fun to knit. I’m dubbing this color of gray as Gossip Girl Gray, because the previous time I was working on a sweater this color I was watching Gossip Girl while doing it, as I ended up doing this time. Judge away, but I love some NYC dramatic teens.

I would never again knit this sweater holding two strands of fingering weight together as I did this time. I think that made for a looser fabric than intended, and I’m praying that I don’t constantly snag one of the strands as I did ceaselessly while knitting this. I also think the pockets are completely useless and hang too much on my version. This could again be partially due to the yarn choice I made.

I think I will enjoy wearing it as soon as the weather cools down. We’re having some very cool mornings and up to 80 degree afternoons. It’s frustrating and I wish we could just pick a season to dress for. I’m ready to put away most of my summer pieces, but I know they will still be useful well into October.

Aside from changing yarn choices, my only other alteration was adding a bit of extra length to the sleeves. Despite all of the challenges (see previous post for lamentations), I do think I will wear this often. The minute this project was off of the needles I started a So Faded to bathe myself in color. I will post about that soon, but if you want a preview of the colors check out this Instagram post. I can’t wait to share more!

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