This project imbues me with joy every time I pick it up. This is color therapy, people. After struggling through a charcoal colored sweater that took me 9 months to birth, I’m really freaking excited to be working with so much vibrant yarn.

The pattern is So Faded, and you can see all of the yarns I used on my Ravelry project page. I started with The Lemonade Shop sock yarn in the Goldfish colorway. I’m now on Hedgehog Fibres in Charlotte’s Web. The pattern advises to open up hanks of yarns and look at them side by side to understand how the colors will work together. I was really feeling overwhelmed by an abundance of good options but I wanted to keep things fairly speckled. I wasn’t sure about the combination I chose until I did open up the hanks and see them side by side. Then I fell in love with this color combo.

I will be making the full sleeve length in size 38, but I’ll throw in some waist shaping. I used much less of the Goldfish than I thought I would. Perhaps there will be enough left over yarn to make a mini-me version since the designer also offers a pint-sized version.

This is a fairly simple top-down raglan with some extra color love. The pattern seems to be very hands-on in terms of giving out very detailed instructions, so I would say this is easy enough for a beginner to take on. I’m so excited to see the colors side by side. That gives me extra motivation and keeps me from wanting to put this down. This is my official Rhinebeck Sweater and I will definitely have it done in time to take and wear at that event!



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